💡What we do

We provide an omnichannel messaging software for businesses & brands.


Omnichannel Chat System

  • Able to connect to multiple channels such as

    • WhatsApp

    • Telegram

    • Facebook Messenger

    • Instagram

    • Shopee Chat

    • Lazada Chat

    • WeChat

    • Signal

    • Email

    • Zalo

  • Manage all communications in 1 platform

Brand Management System

Manage multiple brands/businesses/companies communication channel in 1 platform without having to switch and manage many devices.

Multiple Team Member Access

Invite multiple team members to attend and manage all the inquiries from different communication channels.

Broadcast Messages

Send out messages in mass within seconds. Able to perform 2-way communication after broadcast campaign.

Built-in CRM System

Manage all your customers and prospects in 1 platform. You can manage all of them using our tag management system. In the future, you can filter it based on the tag you have placed for every contact.

Automated Message Notification

Send out automated messages whenever there is an event triggered. Here are some of the events you can send an automated message in these use cases:

  • Automated order notification

  • Automated shipment alerts

  • Automated OTP code

  • Automated appointment reminder

  • Automated boarding pass notification

  • Automated survey invitation

  • Many more...

oChats.io tip: Automated message notification only works when you integrate WordPress plugin/ Shopify app to your website. It also works if you integrate with Shopee & Lazada.

Cross Channel Analytics

Understand your sales derives from which channel and which channel contributes the most sales. You can also understand why that channels work better than other channels.

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