Reminder Broadcast

Create & schedule automated reminder message

Now you can create and schedule any reminder message. For example,

  • License renewal

  • Insurance expiry date

  • Birthday wish

  • Appointment reminder

  • etc

Any reminder which you can think of with a date.

Important Note: Please remember to update your contact database with expiry date in each contact. You can create expiry date using custom field contact. If you don't know how to create custom field contact, please read this.

How to create reminder message?

  1. Go to Broadcast.

  2. Create Broadcast.

  3. Choose your channel.

  4. Select Reminder option

  5. Select the Custom Field which you have created for expiry date

  6. Select how many duration before you want to send the reminder message to your contacts

  7. Insert Broadcast Name

  8. Fill in necessary details

  9. Insert the relevant tags on who you want to target.

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