WhatsApp Web

Scan QR code to connect to your WhatsApp account

Connecting to WhatsApp Web is as easy as scanning QR code.

Here are some tips / important information which you should know of:

  • When you connect your WhatsApp account via WhatsApp Web, it will stay connected for maximum 1 day to 12 days. Hence, if it is disconnected, please reconnect again by scanning the QR code.

  • Once you have connected to your WhatsApp account via WhatsApp Web, oChats will download 100 previous messages for every contact into oChat automatically. Yes, all of these conversation history will contribute to your data storage within oChats.

  • You may face data discrepancy across WhatsApp mobile app and WhatsApp Web. For eg, new incoming/outgoing message appears in your WhatsApp mobile app but it doesn't reflect in mobile app.

  • Not all functions will reflect in oChats due to limitation & restriction in unofficial WhatsApp API. For eg, if any of your customer replies back to you using the Reply function in WhatsApp Web, it will not reflect in oChats.

  • Sometimes the QR code doesn't generate due to temporary downtime in unofficial WhatsApp API or QR code expired. You need to refresh the page & wait for next scanning attempts.

  • If you are not able to receive WhatsApp button template, it means that our software is waiting for latest WhatsApp Button update from Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store. Once it is updated, you will be able to receive the WhatsApp button template again.

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