๐Ÿ“ปFor Procurement Team

Find out how oChats.io can maximize procurement team's efficiency.

Procurement team can use these functions to help their daily tasks.

Chat Management System

They can communicate with all their existing vendors and potential vendors in 1 platform. Most importantly, they can reply to their customer whichever channels their customer contacts them.

CRM System

Procurement team can manage every proposal & contacts sent by their vendors using tag management system. They will be able to filter out the contact based on the tag they have inserted in every contact.

Multiple Team Member Access

oChats.io allows businesses to invite more users to use this software. Users can transfer the conversation from 1 person to another easily.

Brand Management System

Procurement team can juggle from 1 brand/business to another easily and manage all the proposal for different brands/businesses in 1 platform.

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