How to reply customer with another channel?

Reply customer with another channel.

Important note: Before you are able to select which channel to reply to customer, you need to ensure that the contacts of a same person from different channels are merged first. If it is not merged, you will only see 1 channel selection. tip: You can always schedule/create a broadcast campaign with the channel you want to reply to your customer first. Once your customer replies your message, it will automatically register in the Contacts. Then, you merge your contact. Finally, you will see there are more than 1 selection for you to choose on which channel to reply to customer.


  1. Go to Message

  2. Select the contact you want to reply to

  3. In the chat box, you will see a drop down. Click on it. (If you see only 1 channel selection, please ensure you merge the contact first. To merge the contact, please read below)

  4. Select the channel you want to reply back to your customer.

If you don't know how to merge/unmerge contact, you may refer to this tutorial.

pageHow to merge & unmerge contact?

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