🧑Connect to channels

Connect to your desired business communication channels for every businesses you have.

oChats.io tip: Connect to your existing communication channels first. Then slowly connect more channels into oChats.io. If you are running multiple businesses and each businesses has its own communication channels, you can connect to oChats.io and manage everything in 1 platform.

Available channels to connect
  • WhatsApp

    • WhatsApp Cloud API (coming soon)

    • Gupshup

    • 360dialog

  • Telegram

  • Facebook Messenger (coming soon)

  • Instagram (coming soon)

  • Shopee Chat (coming soon)

  • Lazada Chat (coming soon)

  • WeChat (coming soon)

  • Signal (coming soon)

  • LINE

  • Email (coming soon)

  • Zalo

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