Connect to official LINE Business Account. tip: If you have signed up LINE Official Business Account before, please start from Step 6.

Steps to sign up for official LINE Business Account & integrate their API with us:

  1. Sign in / Sign up a LINE Official Business Account.

  2. Once you have signed up, click on LINE official account button.

  3. Fill in all the information for 3 steps sign up form.

  4. Once you have clicked Submit button in page 2, you will see another button Go to Official Account Manager button. Please click on it.

  5. You will reach a LINE official account manager dashboard.

  6. Navigate to Settings > Go to Messaging API > Enable Messaging API

  7. Fill in name & email of developer (You can insert your own name or company name. Same goes to email address) > Click Agree

  8. Insert oChats as your new provider in the field & press Agree.

  9. Insert Privacy Policy and Terms of Use information (optional)

  10. Press OK to enable Messaging API.

  11. Navigate to Response Settings > Detailed Settings.

  12. Find Webhook section > select Enabled.

  13. Select the Provider (oChats) created.

  14. Select the Channel to connect.

  15. Navigate to Basic Settings > Find & add the Channel ID below.

  16. Scroll down to issue a Channel Secret and add it below.

Important Notes

This is your LINE user ID. So people can search for your business account if they type your business user ID.

If you want to create custom user ID, you need to sign up for premium account. The price of premium account is priced at US$12/year.

There are 3 types of LINE Business account.

  • Unverified account: By default, all businesses start with this account. Unverified LINE Official Accounts have grey badges. They are only searchable in-app via a LINE Official Account ID. This is unfortunate as all accounts come out of the box with a basic ID, a random string generated by LINE.

  • Verified account: Once your account is verified, it will show this blue badge. It can be created when signing up for a LINE Official Account. However, they are only available in LINE’s four key markets. They have a blue badge and are searchable via Display Name or User ID, making them much easier for users to find.

  • Premium account: It has a green badge, but there is no process for applying. We believe LINE upgrades large accounts on its own. Before chatting with a Premium Account, users are forced to follow the account so the account's posts show up in their feed.

LINE encourages businesses to attract user to initiate the chat first. LINE has provided several ways for LINE users to contact the businesses directly.

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