WhatsApp Templates

How to create new WhatsApp template?

Template format

Your template content should follow these guidelines:

  • Please follow this file formats and their respective sizes which are accepted for upload:

    1. Image: JPEG and PNG (Max size 2 MB)

    2. Video: MP4 (Max size 20 MB)

    3. Document: PDF (Max size 2 MB)

  • should be non-promotional text (no more than 1,024 characters)

  • must be plain text and can contain alphabet, digits, special characters, emojis and WhatsApp-specific formatting (see WhatsApp-specific formatting)

  • must have parameters like 1, 2, etc. and include the correct number of curly brackets (i.e., 2 on the left side of the number and 2 on the right side of the number).

  • must not have floating parameters (i.e., lines with just parameters and no text).


  1. Go to Settings > WhatsApp Templates

  2. Select + Create Template

  3. Fill in these information

    • Mandatory

      • Template name

        • Name can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores ( _ )

        • For eg, this_is_demo_message

      • Template category

      • Template language

      • Body

        • Insert whatever message you want to send to your recipients

    • Optional

      • Select Components

        • Header (select either one)

          • Text

          • Image

        • Add Footer text

        • Button (select either one):

          • Select Call-to-Actions: You can insert maximum 2 buttons (1 phone number for 1 button and 1 URL for another button). This structure is fixed by WhatsApp.

          • Quick Replies: You can insert maximum 2 buttons. Instead of inserting link inside, you can insert word inside the button. So when someone clicks on that button, it will reply back as whatever word you have inserted into that button in the first place. For eg, you insert โ€œIโ€™m interestedโ€. When someone clicks on it, it will reply back with โ€œIโ€™m interestedโ€

  4. Click Submit

  5. Wait for Meta approval. It will take 10 mins to 24 hours for approval result. You can check on your approval here (Settings > WhatsApp Templates)

How to personalize WhatsApp template message?

  1. Go to Settings > WhatsApp Templates

  2. Select + Create Template

  3. Fill in all of the required WhatsApp template information

  4. When you fill up Template Format & Sample Message section, please remember to fill in with this formula in order to create personalized WhatsApp template message

    • Template Format

      • Create your template message with variable. Please use this sign {{ }} when you create any variable in your message template. Please use rank your variable by inserting number in your sign.

      • For eg, Good day, {{1}}. I know you are from {{2}}.

        • {{1}} represents the first variable or information you want to insert in it

        • {{2}} represents the second variable or information you want to insert in it

    • Sample Message

      • Sample message is the section where you show WhatsApp Business team an example of a message which you intend to send out.

      • For eg, Good day, Ben. I know you are from Singapore.

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