List Your Business in WhatsApp Business Search

WhatsApp Business Search
WhatsApp Business Search is a feature for people to find businesses and start conversations with trusted, API accounts on WhatsApp.
At the moment this feature is available only in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia and the UK.
WhatsApp Business Search
By typing the name of a verified business they want to contact, the user will see one or many business results, e.g type ‘american’ - ‘american express would display’.
Only Verified WhatsApp Business is able to list in WhatsApp Business Search
Tapping on a result opens a chat view where a user can send the first message.

How to control an account's visibility via the WhatsApp Business Manager

Do not turn ‘on’ visibility for accounts focused on marketing/promotions; but do turn ‘on’ visibility for the account(s) that support user-initiated messages.
Visibility can be managed:

For a phone number

Turn on your WhatsApp Business Search visibility in Facebook Business Manager

At account level

WhatsApp Business visibility

Tip 1: Consider how your brand shows up in search results

Simplify your business presence to make it more appealing for consumers to get in touch by making visible one account with a brand-oriented display name.
WhatsApp search result
  • Highly marketable and promotable
  • Reduces overall number of templates
  • Wider variety of use cases need preparation and management
  • Less ability to tailor initial response message to expected use cases

Tip 2: Create unique account display names

To ensure a high quality, confusion-free experience for people, duplicated display names will not be displayed. Review your display names and ensure those that you wish to be visible are change to a unique name and switch their visibility to “on”.
Unique account display name

Tip 3: Reflect the purpose of the account in the display name

Purpose of the display name

Tip 4: Reflect the purpose of the account in the templated responses

Purpose of template responses
This is one of the many benefits of using WhatsApp Business API for your businesses. Your business can get an extra traffic to your WhatsApp channel and store. If you have not signed up for WhatsApp Business API account, please do so by clicking on the below Page Link.