WhatsApp API

Connect to official WhatsApp API

Important Note: Once you have decided to use WhatsApp API, you are required to use a 3rd party software like oChats.io in order to receive and send messages to your customers. You will no longer able to access normal WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Business app.

There are 3 available WhatsApp API selections which you can choose from:

  • WhatsApp Cloud API (coming soon)

  • Gupshup

  • 360dialog

Gupshup is an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP). It is officially appointed by Meta to distribute official WhatsApp Business API. You can check their official website here.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gupshup is the world’s most advanced bot and messaging platform. It enables developers to quickly and easily build, test, deploy and manage chat bots across all messaging channels. Gupshup has been a pioneer in messaging and bots, long before they became trendy. Gupshup’s messaging platform is used by over 30,000 businesses, leading companies such as FlipKart, OLA, Facebook, Twitter, ICICI, HDFC and ZeeTV. Gupshup’s platform handles over 4 billion messages per month and over 150 billion cumulative. Gupshup also developed a smart-messaging app, Teamchat, which introduced patent-pending “smart” messages in 2014, only now being offered by other messaging apps. Gupshup’s bot platform provides tools for the entire bot lifecycle enabling developers to quickly and easily build, test, deploy, monitor and track bots. Gupshup is founded by Mr. Beerud Sheth, a serial entrepreneur, who previously founded Elance, Gupshup is funded by investors such as Charles River Ventures, Helion Venture Partners and Globespan Capital Partners.

Warning: Once you have changed your existing WhatsApp number over to WhatsApp Business API, you will no longer able to join any WhatsApp Group. Please take note.

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