WhatsApp Cloud API

Connect directly to WhatsApp with WhatsApp Cloud API

As you know that WhatsApp is owned by Meta, hence you will be connecting your WhatsApp API using Meta Business Manager. Before connecting to WhatsApp Cloud API, please ensure you have this ready before hand:

  • A Facebook Business Manager account

  • A mobile number/landline number which has no account with WhatsApp before

Important Note:

  • Facebook Business Manager: Make sure your Facebook Business Manager complies to WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

  • Mobile/landline number:

    • Make sure there is no Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in your phone. It prevents you from answering the call for WhatsApp OTP verification

    • Make sure you are not using any toll free number as your official WhatsApp number.

Connecting to WhatsApp Cloud API is easy. All you need to do is follow the steps in WhatsApp Cloud API onboarding flow.

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