Connect to Gupshup, official WhatsApp Business API provider tip: If you are existing Gupshup customer, please start from Step 18.

Steps to sign up for Gupshup & integrate their API with us:

  1. Sign up an account with Gupshup.

  2. Verify your email with Gupshup and sign In to Gupshup dashboard.

  3. Click on “Create App” & select “Access API”.

  4. Insert your app name.

  5. Click “Next” & “Go to dashboard”.

  6. Look for your app name and click on “Settings”. Insert our partner ID, 957.

  7. Enable Template Messaging.

  8. Go back and click on “Go Live”.

  9. Select the most preferred method & click “Get Started”

  10. Follow through the step-by-step guide in Gupshup portal.

  11. Select your region and the country, you or your clients are trying to send the messages and accept the pricing accordingly.

  12. Enter you contact details, business details, official address and other details, like Facebook page URL.

  13. Preview your details entered in step 3 and confirm if they are correct.

  14. Set-up Facebook manager ID, phone number and display name and save for the approvals from WhatsApp side.

  15. Check for approvals in the next step, if they are approved it will be displayed on the page or we can re-submit the details again.

  16. If details are approved by WhatsApp, you can ask for a request code for authentication and enter the code in next screen to GO LIVE

  17. Congrats, you application is now Live. You can now send/receive messages from your official WhatsApp business API number. Your live application will be available on dashboard like below-

  18. Retrieve the API key from top right corner.

  19. Insert API key & App Name. Once you click Connect, you are good to go.

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