1. Go to Broadcast

  2. Click on + Create Broadcast

  3. Select the channel you want to broadcast

  4. Select Schedule Now/Schedule Later

  5. Insert Broadcast Name (this information serves as your reference purpose only)

  6. Select type of broadcast

    • One to One: Send message to any/all of the contacts with specific tag. However, this function will not work on WhatsApp conversation if the contact you want to send to has not contacted you for more than 24 hours. If this happens, please choose Template Message

    • Template Message: Use this template message to initiate/send the message to your customer first.

  7. Insert/Choose the text message/template message you want to send out.

    • One to One: Insert text message & upload any media (if any).

    • Template Message: Choose one of the approved templates.

  8. Select your Target Audience with all/any of the selected tag(s).

  9. Insert the tag you want to target and press Enter.

  10. Click Submit.

Visual Steps

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